Special Packaging

Masukagami Special Sake

Kame Nozoki – Seishu | 1800ml

Seishu is offered in a unique packaging material and a presentation concept that will be guaranteed to attract sake connoisseurs. This ‘one of a kind’ product developed by Masukagami Corporation is a popular item and a long-time seller in Japan’s traditional gift-giving culture. The porcelain bowl contains 1.8L of seishu, an equivalent quantity of a standard 1.8L glass bottle, and is a collectors’ item.

Kame Sousou – Futsu-shu | 900ml

Futsu-shu in a refreshing feeling summer package. Kame Sousou is the half size of Kamenozoki, with the idea that it will be chilled in the refrigerator before drinking in the summer. It has a refreshing taste with a scent and flavor close to Nama sake.

Kame Daikoku – Ginjo | 900ml

MASUKAGAMI’s one of the KAME(vase) series of products. KAME refers to a unique concept of packaging Ginjo sake in an attractive glass container and placing it in a decorative GIFT BOX for gift-giving, celebrations, or dinner parties of a variety of occasions.

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