Junmai is the meaning of “pure rice” which is only used rice, water, and koji. Usually a bit heavier and fuller than other types, often with good acidity. There is no milling requirement for this type of product.

Sakehitosuji – Junmai Sake | 720ml

This is an excellent and very well-priced “Junmai sake” made to draw maximum flavor of the Akebono sake rice. Full-body and dry with ample acidity and umami characters. Rice is milled to 70% of the original size, making the sake clean and well-balanced.

Negaibito – Yamahai Junmai | 1800ml, 720ml

YAMAHAI style of Sake is made with natural lactic acid and it takes twice as long as normal Sake making process. Enjoy the depth of flavor and refreshing savouriness of GANJIN YAMAHAI series of Sake. This sake has rich and complex flavours supported by ample acidity and umami (savouriness) characters. Pairs well with food with strong flavours.

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