The pinnacle of the sake brewer’s art. DaiGinjo sake has a rice polishing standard of a minimum of 50% removal and 50% remaining. The result is an elegance and sophistication of flavors and complexities.

Daiginjo Sansui Sake | 720ml

This top-of-the-line DaiGinjo is made from Yamadanishiki sake rice milled to 40% of grain size, well above the qualifying 50% milling rate, over-delivering the quality and complexity of DaiGinjo class sake. Serve at room temperature or slightly chilled (8-12 C).

Masukagami – Daiginjo Kuranonushi | 1800ml, 720ml

This sake is a master seller that has an impressive mouthfeel of richness yet a very clean aftertaste. The sake is made with Nigata’s proud local sake rice variety Koshi Tanrei polished to 40%.

Masukagami Daiginjo | 1800ml

Masukagami Premium Daiginjo in 1.8L magnum bottle. This product serves as a step up from Masukagami’s mid-range DaiGinjo and Tokubetsu Junmai products.

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