Masukagami – Niigata, Japan

Masukagami Sake is made in the Niigata Prefecture of Japan where Japan’s best sake rice is grown. The region is blessed with clean, natural water and a winter climate best suited for superior sake production. Their products always deliver more than grades indicate.

Kame Nozoki – Seishu | 1800ml

Kame Sousou Futsu-shu | 900ml

Kame Daikoku – Ginjo | 900ml

Premium Sake is offered in a unique packaging material and a presentation concept that will be guaranteed to attract sake connoisseurs. This ‘one of a kind’ product developed by Masukagami Corporation is a popular item and a long-time seller in Japan’s traditional gift-giving culture. The porcelain bowl contains 1.8L of high-quality honjozo genshu sake, an equivalent quantity of a standard 1.8L glass bottle, and is a collectors’ item.

Masukagami Daiginjo Kuranonushi | 1800ml, 720ml

This sake is master of seller that has impressive mouthfeel of richness yet very clean after taste. The sake is made with Nigata’s proud local sake rice variety Koshi Tanrei polished to 40%.

Masukagami – Super Premium Junmai Daiginjo | 1800ml, 720ml

The “Super Premium Sake”! The top-of-the-line, the pride of the house sake made 100% from the brewery’s own harvested rice “Koshi Tanrei”. Stunningly assertive yet delicately balanced.

Masukagami Daiginjo | 1800ml

Masukagami Premium Daiginjo in 1.8L magnum bottle. This product serves as a step up from Masukagami’s mid-range Daiginjo and Tokubetsu Junmai products.

Masukagami – Special Junmai Premium | 1800ml

Niigata’s top-quality Koshi Tanrei sake rice is milled to 55% of the original grain size, resulting in a cleaner and purer product. The finish is dry, long, and satisfying.

Masukagami – Special Junmai Premium | 300ml

A soft approachable Sake with sweet floral nuances accentuated by lightly toasted nuts. The silky mouthfeel is enhanced by a fresh acidity and the finish is tangy and clean.

Masukagami F60 Rokumaru | 720ml

A “consumer friendly” table rice wine made by the respected boutique sake house in Niigata, Japan. Completely transcends the notion of “Futsu-shu”. It is made with higher-than-normal rice milling rate of 60% that technically qualifies to be a Ginjo grade sake.

Masukagami Seishu

Masukagami – Seishu | 300ml

Seishu means “clear sake or clean sake” and as the name indicates, the “crystal clear” liquid is packaged in a clear glass bottle with a Japanese writing in the front panel in black ink in a dynamic brush calligraphy style. Well priced everyday “table’s sake”.

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