Shiokawa Shuzo – Niigata, Japan

Shiokawa Shuzo is a Niigata-based boutique sake producer who pursues unique expressions of sake with flavors and complexity that transcend the traditional notion of Niigata-style sakes. A hundred-year-old sake maker with contemporary concepts and adaptation of styles that meet today’s progressive culinary cultures.

Kimoto Kodai Ancient Red Sake | 720ml

KODAI is produced by using the traditional ‘Kimoto’ method that draws natural lactic acid. The purple black rice, known as ‘Ancient Rice’ brings out deep red colour and unique flavours.

Negaibito – Yamahai Junmai Ginjo Genshu | 1800ml, 720ml

GANJIN is a full-body fragrant sake that offers refreshing acidity and UMAMI (savouriness) characters. With alcohol content of 17-18%, it drinks rich and complex and pairs very well with food with strong flavours such as meat dishes.

Negaibito – Yamahai Junmai | 1800ml, 720ml

YAMAHAI style of Sake is made with natural lactic acid and it takes twice as long as normal Sake making process. Enjoy the depth of flavor and refreshing savouriness of GANJIN YAMAHAI series of Sake. This sake has rich and complex flavours supported by ample acidity and umami (savouriness) characters. Pairs well with food with strong flavours.

Fisherman Sokujo Junmai Ginjo | 720ml

This sake is made to complement seafood dishes such as crabs, prawns, and oysters. Fruity aromas and refreshing acidity make the palate stay clean like medium white grape wines with good maturity.

Cowboy Yamahai Junmai Ginjo Genshu | 720ml

This sake is made to complement specifically meat dishes such as steaks. The “Yamahai” style offers ample acidity to cut through rich flavors of meat and meat fat, cleansing the palate like rich red grape wines with tannin.

Cowboy Yamahai Tender Junmai Ginjo Genshu | 720ml

While it has ample acidity and savoriness, the alcohol content has been held to 14.5%, making it easy to drink Sake during a meal. Given its flowery, fruity aroma and dry, crispy taste, as well as its lighter, gentler feel, this Japanese Sake can comfortably be drunk by anyone.

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